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Query Shark

Another amazing tool for writing query letters. This site is a cornerstone for authors everywhere. The query shark is an actual agent who spends her free time critiquing query letters. There are hundreds of queries from all genres, each with commentary.


Successful Queries

As Reema and I near the end of process for Allyson Darke, we are looking forward to the next step: sending it out to agents.

The publishing world has changed in the last ten years, allowing authors a wide array of publishing options. We have decided that we want to fight the uphill struggle and take Allyson through traditional publishing channels. That carries with it a lot of doubt and hard work. We have to find an agent, sell to editors, rewrite a thousand times, and render all these beautiful images. But we are excited about it.

The first step on that path is agenting and that requires the worlds best query letter. As we work on our query package, I will bring you lessons, tips, and resources.

The first resource is a link to the absolute best query letter guide I have found. Sure, there are a lot of “do” and “don’t” books out there, and you should read them all. But, this is a list of actual query letters from authors with comments from the agents about what caught there attention.

Seriously. Read this.


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