Let’s focus on the mixed-media part of mixed-media, interactive stories. As we walk down this road, we look at all the different ways a story can be mixed-media: music, images, photography, collage, and the like. Invariably, these stories will include some visual component.

If we are going to include visual storytelling, its important to do it right. Now I can’t draw a straight line to save my life, but that doesn’t stop me from collaborating with those who do. It helps to speak the language; to understand the ground rules.

The folks over at blenderguru.com have created a fantastic tutorial video on the basic rules of composition.

What You”™ll Learn

  • Why a lack of composition knowledge can undermine your efforts
  • The 3 stages of a well composed image
  • The most common mistake artists make
  • Simple rules to create more engaging artwork

Be sure to check out the original, especially the comments section. They can be very enlightening 🙂


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