Awesome article about the way media is heading. Has really good information on what multi-media or Transmedia stories are going to look like.

Topics include: Transmedia is more than media-shifting; The real world is a platform, too; Audiences crave more control; Traditional notions of authorship are changing.

Earlier this year, Latitude set out to understand audiences”™ evolving expectations around their everyday content experiences””with TV shows, movies, books, plot-driven video games, news, and even advertising. We began by speaking with leaders in the emerging “transmedia” space to investigate the challenges and the opportunities that today”™s storytellers are encountering.

Then we asked 158 early adopters from across the world how they”™d like to experience stories in the future. During the course of a generative, online survey, participants were asked to play the role of producer; they chose a narrative (a book, movie, TV show, plot-driven video games, news story, etc.)

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