Because there is no joy like the simple joy

of a tale well told

Mixed Media, interactive stories are simply stories told the way they deserve to be told. Each scene of a great story is vibrant and different from the rest, like a tiny story-inside-a-story. Some of those scenes can be incredibly visual while others are consumed by internal conflict or bursting emotion. In the past, storytellers have been locked into a single medium to express their tale. Therefore, those visual bits of a novel become high description and the emotion become a character’s inner thought. This works, but it is not perfect.

What if each scene could be told exactly as it deserved? Visual pieces in images or video. Emotional scenes as song. Internal conflict as novel prose. What if the greater story, then, moved back and forth between those different mediums to to tell a single grand tale in sweeping fashion, or the most intimate character sketch with subtle precision.

Let’s take it a bit further. Now, add the reader into the story. Not just a passive observer, an active agent. The story adapts to their will. There are diverging roads, bonus features, and extra tidbits for the reader to explore, making no two reading experiences the same.

None of this is for novelty. None is “just because it’s cool.” Every aspect is crafted to be what is best for the story; what the story deserves.

There are a lot of places to go with this new (but actually very old) form of storytelling, and with the digital revolution, there are countless possibilities and pitfalls. That is what this portion of my blog is about: just how do we tell mixed-media, interactive stories? In conjunction with my research blog, we will explore practical tips, do’s and don’ts, example stories, innovations of the revolution.

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