If we are interested in mixed-media stories, that means we should be using more forms of media, right? Absolutely. Visual components of stories are the most popular. Think graphic novels and even film. So, even if you are not the one who is actually rendering these images, it is important to have a basic understanding of what makes visual stories sizzle.

One thing that will bring your work from “hey, that’s alright” to “wow, I’m blown away” is the right use of color. Be very careful about which colors you choose. Most masterpieces use less that 12 actual colors (that includes shades) and they are chosen very, very carefully. Using whatever color you feel like at that moment is the sure sign of an amateur  Creating a solid color palette for each project also makes your life a lot easier and helps you to work faster.

Here’s the best intro to color theory I’ve found. It’s really simple and easy to read.


And here are a couple good videos:

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