Individual Differences in Education and Storytelling

As we march through a series on Educational Storytelling, it occurs to me that a basic understanding of Individual Learner Differences will be important. Everyone is different: we learn differently, enjoy different things, and respond to different elements in different ways. If we truly want to create stories that are transformational for a lot of people, we must learn to borrow theory and methods from those who teach diverse students every day.

Simply put: until we understand how people learn and learn differently, we can never craft stories that teach individuals effectively.

So, this short mini-series introduces concepts important to Individual Differences in Instruction and Storytelling. These short posts are meant to be foundational, just starting point toward topics like Differentiated Instruction, Intelligence, Learning Styles, Cognitive Development, and Multimodal Storytelling.

Series Contents

  1. Series Home
  2. Differentiated Instruction
  3. Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles
  4. Learning Profiles
  5. Learner Assessments
  6. 8 Pillars of Personalized Instruction
  7. Personalized Instruction in the Classroom
  8. Personalized Storytelling
  9. Resources
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