I love research: defining a new problem, exploring the background, investigating approaches, collecting and analyzing data, forming conclusions, and sharing my interpretations for the rest of the world to tear apart. There is a special thrill in uncovering knowledge. I would imagine any research has felt that adrenaline rush at some point. What else can push you through months of staring at numbers on a screen, writes, rewrite, re-rewrites, and critique from thesis committees.

I love research, but not for research’s sake. In my opinion, research must be about more that simply acquiring knowledge. Practical, real world, living applications make all the difference. Not that every scholarly paper must end with “here’s how you use this in real life,” but there should come a point in a line of research where the “why does this matter to everyone else?” question is seriously addressed. This is a personal belief, I admit, but a driving one in my career.

To that end, I make a personal manifesto and vow. The research on this site will be focused toward practical application and improving lives. Not every bit will be useful everywhere. Not every article will be a how to manual. Theory, background, and data analysis are important. But, every bit of research I do is focused (ultimately) on creating stories that teach, heal, and transform lives.

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Chris Michaels

Storyteller. Researcher. Coder. Innovator. I seek to push the boundaries of storytelling and education.
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