Allyson Darke:
Final Polish
Phantom Hearts:
Second Draft
Raven’s Eye:
Captured: I’m writing this with my wife. Right now, its in her hands.

Allyson Darke – with Reema Farra (Final Draft)


“Never trust Salzari,” Mom always said. “Never forget.”

At eleven years old, Allyson and Dad survive a family car accident. Six years later, she cares for a father who sees monsters that aren’t there. Then, Salzari kidnaps Dad and forces her to use clues hidden in Mom’s stories to hunt down pieces of an ancient puzzle.

Allyson faces her deepest phobias in a world-wide hunt. She outsmarts a banshee in a decrepit graveyard and battles a demon-possessed panther in the Congo. From the slums of Mumbai to the farthest reaches of Siberia, her every fear comes to life. She isn’t only a twisted-fairy-tale detective: raw, unnerving power boils inside her. She begins to question her mother’s true intentions and wonders if saving her father is what she truly wants.

More than just a novel, Allyson Darke is an experience with interactive bonus features, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and a companion promotion strategy that brings the story to life in the present world.

Phantom Hearts (Second Draft)

Airships, tanks, and clockwork automatons chew through Ilsa, threatening the balance between science and sorcery. Takers of the Dead clear more and more bodies. The Grey Wolves hunt anyone using majick.

But Hannah doesn’t care about any of that. All she wants is Jason, her forbidden lover. Though she is a slave and he an Ilsan noble, they meet at night and dream of the time they can run away together. Then the news comes.

Hannah refuses to believe it. When she sneaks into Jason’s funeral, Hannah is plunged into a whirlwind of black-market majick and rogue spies. She meets Travis who promises to lead her to a secret cult of necromancers who may be able to bring Jason back from the dead.

In this steampunk-fantasy told in pictures and words with interactive bonus features, Hannah Blue will follow Travis anywhere, do anything, pay any price to find the outlawed majick to be with Jason again.

Captured (Prewriting)

I’m writing this die-hard, spy thriller set in the jungles of Peru and the streets of Lima with my wife, Nicole Wilson. Right now, it’s in her hands. Check out her site for more details.

Raven’s Eye (Prewritting)


The darkness devoured the world, leaving a tiny island of order in a fiery sea of chaos. Refuge cities with magical beacons that keep the undead revenent away. But after 500 years, these cities are falling, one by one. No one can explain it. No one knows how to stop it.

Javen is a refuge from one of these fallen cities, makinghis home in a strange city and working as an investigator. He’s called in on a bizarre murder only to be taken off the case and given a mundane case no one cares about. No justice for victims who are outsiders. But Javen won’t let it rest. He digs into the truth, uncovering secret societies, assassins, and a plot to destroy what is left of the light.

My Writing Process

  1. Prewriting – Wrangle dreams into non-chaos
  2. First Draft – Get words on the paper
  3. Second Draft – Make the story make sense
  4. Flash Read – Focus on flow, pace, and reader experience
  5. Third Draft – Tie it all together as a whole
  6. Final Polish – Wordcraft and formatting
  7. Bonus Features (if applicable)
  8. Agent Preparation – Query, pitching, and the like
  9. Send out – Release her to the wild 🙂

I also take the manuscript through critique groups and beta readers from stage three on.