Storytelling is every-changing, and it is awesome! A shift in the way we share stories is happening all around. Tales are becoming more mixed-media, more interactive. They move between text and images and sounds. We get to be the characters and influence the plot. Stories are becoming more than passive things we enjoy.

There is a revolution, a revolution this blog is dedicated to.

But, I am not the only one sparking the flame. Here are some other artists and storytellers who are pushing the envelope in mixed-media, interactive stories.

Brian Selznick

I personally owe this guy a lot. His most recent books, The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck are both told in pictures and text. That is the story alternates between pictures and novel chapters. It was eye-opening to me. My current project, Allyson Darke, took the same approach, though for a decidedly older audience.

Besides be a revolutionary in that sense, he is a great illustrator. The level of detail and charm in is works is astounding. Check him out!

Blogs and Guides – a good introduction to what they call cross-media storytelling.

Interactive Media – a great blog dedicated to all sorts of interactive media with news, reviews, and articles that go back to 2008. Focuses on technology. “Digital Storytelling, Multimodal Writing, Multiliteracies” is my favorite article. Just browse around.

New Media Literacies – is actually a wikispace developed by Dr Angela Thomas and her students in several classes related to New Media Literacies. It doesn’t focus as much on technology, but on how people interact with mixed-media, interactive content. Again, favorite article is probably: – a treasure trove of practical tips and analysis for mixed-media, interactive content. This has a lot of resources.

I will be bringing you more “fellow revolutionaries” as the new year speeds by. Be sure to check out the links above. There is some really great content!

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