Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I am an independent researcher, web developer, and foremost, a storyteller. I believe that stories can be used to teach, heal, and transform lives. This blog is dedicated to that discussion: from narrative identity research, to story-driven web applications, to tips on educational storytelling. All my fiction is written under Chris Michaels. I am also the founder of Phoenix Labs, a non-profit web development studio creating tools for creative content and collaboration.

Stories. I am an author of (mostly) speculative fiction. Steampunk, Fairy tales, epic sci-fi, and dreamworlds. My storytelling often goes beyond words alone (though I really love words). Mixed-media, interactive stories are tales that alternate back and forth between different kinds of media. Interactive stories are stories that allow the reader to (duh) interact.
Research. I believe that stories can be used to teach, heal, and transform lives. With several graduate degrees in Anthropology and Educational Psychology, I have conducted varied research centered around narrative identity, to story-driven web applications, to educational storytelling. You’l also find human-story interaction, general anthropology, and tips on teaching.
Innovation. Stories are changing. The web is changing. Research is changing. This is my discussion on how to push content, stories, and curriculum forward. From virtual reality to crowdfunding; 3D printing to an mmirevolution.
CodeYeah, I’m a programming nerd. All these new forms of storytelling and curriculum design require new tools. This part of my blog is my journal as I work with others to develop these cutting-edge apps. Topics include php, python, architecture, data processing, and rambling.