Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I am an independent researcher, web developer, and foremost, a storyteller. This site is home to my fiction and the centerpoint of a discussion at the crossroads of narrative identity, mixed-media interactive content, and innovative stories.

Stories. I am an author of (mostly) speculative fiction. Steampunk, Fairy tales, epic sci-fi, and dreamworlds. My storytelling often goes beyond words alone (though I really love words) into mixed-media, interactive stories.

My Books: Allyson Darke, Phantom Hearts, Captured, More.
Sagas. Every week, just for fun, I release a new chapter to these ongoing serial stories.

A Wolf of Steam and Fire:
Lost in the Twilight Jungle on her first mission for the Ilsan Army, sixteen-year-old Marissa Cabbot uncovers a dangerous, outlawed majickal secret. One that only she can destroy, if it doesn't eat away her sanity first.
Story Craft. In preschool, when most kids wanted to be a doctor or fireman, I wanted to be the guy who made Disney movies. I have spent a lifetime studying stories, myths, and the art of storytelling. Let's have a conversation about the heart of stories because "there is no joy like the simple joy of a tale well told."

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Research. I believe that stories can be used to teach, heal, and transform lives. With graduate degrees in Anthropology and Educational Psychology, I conduct research into narrative identity, educational storytelling, and human-social-story interaction.

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Innovation. Stories are changing. The web is changing. Research is changing. This is my discussion on how to push content, stories, and curriculum forward. From virtual reality to crowdfunding; 3D printing to an mmirevolution.

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